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Juicy steaks, tender spare ribs,
BBQ and much more...

At Villa Maria Steakhouse in Amsterdam, both international travelers and locals come to dine, drink and socialize. We always use fresh and high quality ingredients. Every day we select the best cuts of meat to ensure you get the most tender steaks, tasty BBQ and juicy spare ribs. We also serve delicious fish dishes, various starters, side dishes and salads.

The owner of Villa Maria Steakhouse, Selim, fell in love with Argentine food years ago when he traveled the world. 'When I walked through Buenos Aires at night, the delicious grill smells met me everywhere. Argentinian food seems simple, but it isn't! It's all about the best quality ingredients, pure taste, and a chef who knows his trade very well', he says. 'We bring those three things together In Villa Maria Steakhouse.'


Argentinian cuisine

For Argentinians, food is very important, and meals are also indispensable on social occasions. Usually, meat is the main ingredient of the Argentine meal. The meat should consist of quality pieces, grilled slowly and at a low temperature over charcoal, while the cook carefully controls the intensity of the heat. The result should be pure, smoky and juicy.

Image by Bao Menglong
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